acting for sustainability


We achieved a 60% ratio of women in all offices and top management roles by the end of 2018 with equal gender opportunities and a safe working environment for all women. The diversity of our platforms will also potentially generate opportunities of self employment and entrepreneurship for women in least developed countries of the Mekong region.


We aim to improve productivity with a diversification based approach to online marketplaces which connects businesses and potential customers

GROCERY DELIVERY is greener than driving to the store.

Grocery Delivery can cut carbon emission compared to individuals trip to the stores.

Our drivers pick up products by motorbikes for multiple clients in one store. This ensures great savings of mileage! It also potentially ease traffic congestion in the city of Phnom Penh.

Plastic Free Bags only !

At GROCERY DELIVERY ASIA we have banned plastic bag to replace it with more sustainable alternative. Currently we only use bags made of Cassava Starch from the company CLEANBODIA.

One of our big project for 2018 is to introduce delivery by E-bikes.

The demand for for food delivery is rapidly increasing. The use of motorbikes and itinerary apps is already potentially easing traffic compared to individual trips to the restaurants by cars.

But this is not enough. We are actively looking for solutions meant to bring more sustainable logistic service in cities and combat climat change. Custom made E-bikes is one of the first initiative that we have introduced in 2018.

Promoting restaurants using Environment-friendly Packaging.

Since 2017 we have introduce a special restaurant tag to sort restaurants using Environment-Friendly packaging for their delivery. We are also promoting the use of biodegradable food packaging as an alternative to Styrofoam to restaurants. This initiative has been made in collaboration with EcoSense CAMBODIA.